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Current Projects: A Fresh Blue & White Master Bedroom

When this retired schoolteacher came to me for help, she felt overwhelmed by her master bedroom.  Since retiring, she now spends much more time at home, and the dark and dreary space wasn’t the cheerful room she was longing for.  She collected many special pieces over the years and inherited quality furniture that she wanted to use.  With a little editing and design, the room came together beautifully! 

The floor plan on the left shows the arrangement we began with.  By removing several pieces (and changing the wall color), we really opened up the space!  Take a look at where we started:

The color scheme was set – blue and green are her favorite colors.  Because of the lack of natural light in the space, the tan background of the previous window treatments just looked dingy.  We needed something light and bright!  Fabrics from Kravet, Stroheim, and Schumacher were the perfect solution.

 Sherwin Williams #6141 Softer Tan was the right neutral for the walls.

An antique tobacco chair and her collection of Seagrove pottery are among some of her most cherished posessions.  The large taupe piece is actually a chicken feeder!

Classic furniture paired well with traditional fabrics like the plaid sofa, striped shams, floral window treatments, and small scale leaf fabric on the bed skirt.  While these types of patterns have been around for ages, the fresh color palette helped make the space very current.

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From where we started, this room came so far, and I was thrilled to see the client so happy with the results!  I hope you enjoyed them too!

– Lauren 

Designer Profiles: An Interview with Rob MacNeill

Rob MacNeill Design Lines Ltd.


It’s with the warmest welcome, that we introduce Rob MacNeill, the newest member of the Design Lines team. Rob brings a wealth of technical and architecture knowledge to the team; focusing on design and construction documents. When he is not with the team, he is working in his studio creating his next piece of art. We are thrilled to have him on board! Without further ado here is a little more about Rob.

How would you describe your professional style?

 Understated, Simple, and Balanced

 What are your inspirations?

Sculpture and music

 What is your design philosophy?

 Being innovative with design solutions, always fresh.

What are your three must-haves?

 1. NPR Radio 2. My cast iron frying pan 3. My bicycle

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in the design industry?

 Make sure you get a variety of different design disciplines within your career; do not expect to know what you want to do right out of college, it is okay. Remember to be open to possibilities.

What is the last place you saw that made you think, I wish I’d done that?

 North Carolina Museum of Art

How has the economy affected design?

 The economy has allowed people to recognize what they really want to do and what is really important in life.

What has been your smartest business decision?

To simultaneously focus on two different careers, which allows one discipline to inform the other.  

What does value mean for you?

 The ability to offer a new and innovative solution to an old problem.

What’s on your DVR?  What shows do you keep up with?

 I enjoy watching a reality T.V. show called “The Next Great Artist” and also “Art 21” on PBS.

What are you reading right now?

 I just finished “New York Underground” and I am currently reading, Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and “History of Art 1945-Present.”

If you weren’t in interior design, what would you be doing?

I would probably be working in the public health sector. I have always been interested in science and this field of science has real life applications to human welfare.

How did you get started in this field?

 I was inspired by a professor/mentor of mine who taught art history of architecture.

Where’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled?

 A monastery in Serres, Greece.

Where’s one place that you love to have the opportunity to work on a project?

Venice, Italy

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The feeling of creating something that is beautiful.

Designer Profiles: An Interview with Lauren McKay

Lauren McKay, Allied Member ASID


How would you describe your professional style?

I think each space should perfectly fit the person living in it by bringing in unique or personalized items. People should fill their homes with things that make them smile!

What are your inspirations?

Blogs, magazines, and the other talented designers at Design Lines!  If I am doing a specific room, I will start by finding inspiration from a textile or rug.

What is the essential element of any room?


What is your design philosophy?

Design is powerful and life changing.  I also believe that everyone deserves good design which has been reinforced by Judy.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about business?

Keep track of details and staying on top of everything is key.

What are your three must-haves?

 1. The color green 2. Orbit chewing gum 3. Great artwork in every space

What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in the design industry?

Get as much real-world experience as possible while in school.  Even working retail or in a showroom can be very beneficial.  

What is the last place you saw that made you think, I wish I’d done that?

 21 C Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky – the hotel is a museum and every space is amazing!

How has the economy affected design?

People want to be sure their space is lasting and also a good investment.  

What has been your smartest business decision?

 Applying to be an intern at Design Lines.

What does value mean for you?

Getting more than you expected.

What’s on your DVR?  What shows do you keep up with?

 Sarah’s House on HGTV, Modern Family & Lost

What are you reading right now?

“The House That Cleans Itself” by Mindy Starns Clark and the Bible.

If you weren’t in interior design, what would you be doing?


How did you get started in this field?

 When I was in high school I took art classes and really enjoyed them. I did a lot of research on the interior design field and felt this is exactly where I should be. I thought it was a good fit. My feelings were confirmed when I found out my great-grandmother was an interior designer.

Where’s one place that you love to have the opportunity to work on a project?

In California, because they seem to have a different perspective on design.

In your eyes, what are the biggest trends for 2010?

 Clean lines, classic forms, and bolder color than we saw in 2009.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Seeing a client smile after their space is finished.


To see more designer profiles of the staff click here.

Design Lines & BGM Creative Group Win An ADDY Award!

On February 26, 2010 at the Marbles Kids Museum in Downtown Raleigh, BGM Creative Group accepted a bronze Addy Award from the local American Advertising Federation (AAF) Raleigh-Durham chapter, for their efforts on the award winning interior design firm, Design Lines Ltd. website.

The ADDY Awards are “the world’s largest and arguably toughest advertising competition. The ADDY Awards represent the true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising from media of all types, creative by all sizes and entrants of all levels from anywhere in the world.”

The partnership with BGM Creative Group started almost a year ago. We knew our website and blog needed a face lift and after the initial meeting we immediately knew BGM Creative Group was a great fit for Design Lines. Judy Pickett owner of Design Lines says, “With very little input from us, Bryan was able to nail it from the start. He knew exactly what we needed even though we didn’t know it.”  Our original thought was to create a site that was fresh and timeless while also giving the viewer an unforgettable experience.

At the beginning of the process we gave suggestions of websites we loved and also ones we terribly disliked. Hilaire, the Communications Director at Design Lines and Bryan, the Executive Creative Director at BGM Creative Group, continuously went back and forth on the communication matrix and strategies. The creative direction Bryan gave was superb. Judy and the rest of the team was there every step of the way giving feedback and offering perspective.

We are thrilled to be a part of this wonderful success and cannot say enough about what the site has done for the success of the firm.

We only hope that you continue to visit our website and stay a little while. Better yet subscribe to our blog, so every time we post you will get an email right in your inbox. See you can get hooked to Design Lines!

Design Lines at Hairspray with NBC 17 Hosts


Performing Arts meets Interior Design!

Design Lines was spotted out last night at the Durham Performing Arts Center to see the eight-time Tony award winning production of Hairspray. Judy and Hilaire are avid supporters of the performing arts and when the invitation arose they just couldn’t resist. You might have remembered seeing the 2007 movie revival with John Travolta, MichellePfeiffer and Queen Latifah.

One of our recent projects was coming up with the set design concept for the newest local television show on NBC-17 called “My Carolina Today.” You might have seen promos running during the Olympics. I know I have! The hosts of the show are Sharon Delaney, Page Crawford and Valonda Calloway.

We were thrilled to be a part of the creative process of constructing the set design. Next Tuesday we will bring to you  the “befores & afters” with a big extended post on the whole project from start to finish. It was a very rewarding and fun experience working with the team at NBC-17.

Plus, check us out on air as we give you and the greater Raleigh community the best advice in interior design.You can catch the show everyday starting March 1st on NBC 17 at 11:00am right after Kathie Lee & Hoda. We will let you know in advance when we will be on so you can DVR it if you are at work.

A tribute to Mr. Columbus

I had nearly forgotten that today was Christopher Columbus Day until I got an email blast from Pottery Barn reminding me to check out their sales. In anticipation of the Pear Square Event & Sale (We’re all so excited at Design Lines), I thought I’d pull together a couple of items for sale inspired by & in honor of Christopher Columbus.

We have a pair of these beautiful pierced wooden mirrors, 40″ in diameter

We have quite a few pieces of framed art with nautical & map themes. I’d pair the one above with anything cobalt & some black & white photography to make it less serious.

These wood sculptures on stands are great as abstract pieces of art, I love the rescued shipwrecked vibe.

I pulled this image from our portfolio as the most worthy of Christopher Columbus. It’s a snapshot of a study we just completed at Lake Gaston. I adore the interest that the convex mirror added to the space (thank you Restoration).

Happy Columbus Day to all!

I adore OLY Studio.

This postcard from OLY Studio came in the mail today with the rest of the High Point Fall Furniture Market teasers. They are really piling in now, we keep them in a beautiful porcelain container on the transaction counter near Laurie’s desk and peek at them during lunch (see photo below) The styling of the postcard caught my eye, but let’s be honest, so does anything from OLY. Their collections are eclectic & clean, with some pieces looking very Hollywood Regency and others looking rustic and earthy with hand hewn qualities.
For instance:
I just specified the Elisabeth Buffet for a client’s Dining Room. I love the details on this piece.

The pieces below will be at our first ever sale- The Pear Square Event the first week in November. (You can call the studio if you’re interested in them, now though)

The Christine Cocktail Table would look so great with piles of big books underneath it.

A pair of Bella sonces could break up a photo arrangement in a gallery hallway.

This,albeit, huge, is the. perfect. mirror.

I would hang it on a wall in my bedroom & tape just a few b & w photos on it a la The Diving Bell & The Butterfly (which I also love) to make it a little less stuffy.

How to Make Pictures: A Creative Juice Collaborative

Like Pola and her friend Roid, Judy and I assisted local photographer Ray Barbour as well as Master Photographer John Stanton on a photoshoot of our work at 1322 Queensferry Road in Cary. We’re anxious to see the results of the shoot, but thought that we’d share our “behind the scenes” experience…

Just a few pieces of equipment

John Stanton, perfecting the amount of light for the photograph

Ray sets the shot, while John perfects the lighting levels

Judy and Ray review the process

Ray finding an angle

John hangs a sheet of mylar scrim to diffuse the lighting

Ray and Judy decision making. The shoot was filmed digitally and reviewed via Mac

The photoshoot process is long and rewarding,furniture and accessories must be shifted again and again

Judy awaits to stage the next shot

The Subject: The Dining Room

Noontime Sun: Part 2 of the shoot. There’s a story behind that painting, as there are stories to be told about many of the objects we incorporated into the design. In the end our arrangement of the details, composed into a photograph, tries to capture a moment perhaps better left for one to experience in person.

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