I love my job!: Molly’s Helicopter Ride At Lake Gaston

I have to wonder if there are many other professions where you get to work on fabulous projects from beginning to end, interact with amazing clients and develop relationships with so many talented people. This is then topped only by… yes… a helicopter ride with some of these people to view the finished projects.

Check out these great shots taken through the tree canopies at beautiful Lake Gaston. I will admit I was a little nervous, but I quickly got beyond the butterfly stomach and could focus on the opportunity at hand.

3 thoughts on “I love my job!: Molly’s Helicopter Ride At Lake Gaston”

  1. Saw this same Chopper “parked” on top of someone’s Boathouse on the South side of the Main Lake in NC.. Someone must use this as a Daily fly unit.

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