Current Projects: Baby to Big Boy – A Child’s Room in Cary

  With existing guest bedroom furniture and a train table as their starting point, clients came to me seeking a design for their son’s “big boy” room since the nursery was soon to be filled with a new member of the family, another boy!  The color palette for the child’s new room was inspired by a collection of brightly colored illustrations and book covers, specifically  Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.  We began by painting the furniture, walls, and selecting fabrics – a stop light inspired pillow for the bed and a cheery printed stripe from Amy Karyn Textiles for window valences. 

Childrens room cary nc design lines ltd (3)

childrens room cary nc design lines ltd (5)

 Next, came the lighting change. We went with a train station ready overhead fixture in a polished nickel finish and some Pottery Barn You-fill-it lamps.  The lamps are filled with a family collection of matchbox cars for now, but can easily change to other items depending upon their child’s interests, ie: Lego’s, army men, etc. 

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An entire wall was transformed by hanging a piece of sheetrock, painting it with chalkboard paint in black, and framing it with a simple moulding profile in a high gloss yellow. Learn how to DIY, here.  We simply taped book pages to the top of the chalkboard- leaving room for the child to go wild with the chalk down below. 

  Childrens rooms cary nc design lines ltd

childrens room cary nc design lines ltd (4)

I love the picture captured above. The big boy room is bright and full of sunshine, but not too theme driven- a room he can grow and play in.  Which children’s book would inspire your kids room?


5 thoughts on “Current Projects: Baby to Big Boy – A Child’s Room in Cary”

  1. I love this room! The chalkboard art if perfect, and the lamp filled with cars is amazing. I’m not a little boy, and I want one! You can tell the little boy in the picture is excited to be there!

  2. Wow! I love this room. What a fun space for a little boy. The lamp was my favorite for sure. I am trying to think of what I could put in a lamp like that for me. As for books, I think it would be fun to do a room based on the book Corduroy. That was my favorite book as a kid.

  3. Emily, Becca and T thank you for commenting. We love this room too! Our client is so pleased with the way it turned out. You know, we should do a whole blog series on creating children’s rooms from children’s books. What fun?!

  4. Hello, I love this space! I am in the process of changing to a big boy room for my son. He also LOVES the book “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go” so this is a perfect inspiration for me. Would really like to get the piggy bank used here too. Any idea who makes it or where I can purchase one? Thanks so much 🙂

  5. Gena, our client got the piggy bank from Swagger Gifts (in Lochmere Pavilion.) I hope this helps – Let us know if we can help in any other way! Hilaire

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